Record notes and CALLS with VITO Audionotes

Record notes and CALLS with VITO Audionotes VITO AudioNotes is an MP3/WAV recorder for Smartphones and Pocket PC’s. Released today it’s an easy way to record those important memos or thoughts on the go. It’s simple to use to – you don’t need to worry about stacks of recording formats etc – just choose MP3 or WAV, then set the quality to low, middle or high.

Of course if you do want to dealve deeper into the settings there’s a friendly control panel which lets you set microphone auto gain, and “VAS” which makes your records “gapless”. In playback mode you can use these panels to forward through your recordings and change
volume, plus there’s an info bar which tells you the date and time of the recording and it’s size – this is update as you record too!

There is one very nice extra feature – VITO AudioNotes will also record phone calls on Windows Mobile 5.0 devices (start recording after answering the call)

Link – Vito Audionotes

EDIT – Don’t believe it’ll record calls ? Check this out ! (Recorded directly into MP3 by VITO)