Ad2Hand – Get Location-based deals on your Windows Mobile

Ad2Hand   Get Location based deals on your Windows Mobile This is Ad2Hand – it’s a wireless advertising service for your phone. It works via bluetooth and, once you download the software it’ll continually monitor for local shops and businesses using the service as you walk around town. When you do get near a signal it will display a special sale / bargain announcement, or show discount coupons for special deals in that shop.

The advertising can be customized so that you only receive notification of deals which interest you. This at the moment is only for Windows Mobile devices too, with clients available for Windows Mobile 2003 and Windows Mobile 5.

Whilst great for advertisers, we’d love to see more advantages for the users before people willingly download it in any great numbers, however the technology and idea behind it is pretty cool.

Link – Ad2Hand.comSoftware