Samsung SGH-i750 Gets go ahead from FCC

Samsung SGH i750 Gets go ahead from FCC The FCC have finally approved the Samsung SGH-i750 handset. We saw this last year and it appears to be running Windows Mobile 2003SE for Pocket PC still, however we’d hope it would be updated to Windows Mobile 5.0 if released on a network.

FCC approval means that the handset can be sold in the US and elsewhere. It’s a tri-band GSM handset with slidedown keypad and a QVGA TFT touchscreen display. This blurs the lines between Smartphone and Pocket PC as the numeric keypad makes it feel like a regular phone. It’s very similar to the Samsung i730 handset, which uses as QWERTY keyboard.

The SGH-i750 has a 2 Megapixel camera with flash, TV-output, 802.11b Wi-Fi, EDGE, Bluetooth 1.2, USB, IrDA, microSD and runs on a Intel XScale 416MHz processor. It’s yet more evidence that Samsung is dedicated to Windows Mobile.

Link – FCC Approval