HTC Star Trek also to appear as QTek 8500

HTC Star Trek also to appear as QTek 8500 QTek already retail lots of HTC phones including that excellent QTek 8310 – y’know, the one with WiFi. So it’s no great surprise to hear that a certain “Qtek clamshell EDGE music phone is here!” Aha! Could that be the HTC Star Trek / iMate Smartflip? We think so!

For those who aren’t regular visitors, HTC manufacture the handsets then companies such as iMate and QTek badge them up as their own and sell them. Networks do too, such as the Orange SPV range and the T-Mobile MDA / SDA range. More importantly QTek say it’s coming in May, so you have mere months to wait for this device.

Will we see it appear on networks such as Orange or T-Mobile? Well, Orange have just announced the SPV M600 at industry show 3GSM.. so wouldn’t it be great if .. say.. something like CeBIT (another industry show) could be used as a platform to announce the Orange SPV C700 in March? We’re guessing of course, but it’d be great if this was the case! 😉

Full announcement below..

Links – QTek 8500

“The first Qtek clamshell EDGE music phone is here! Your new Qtek 8500 weights only 99 grams with battery and touts a breath-taking 16mm with a build-in 1.3-megapixel camera and music control buttons.

Qtek 8500 is not your ordinary clamshell phone. With EDGE, you enjoy faster data download.* With the convenient music buttons in the front panel, a simple touch and enjoy your favorite music stored on the micro SD card right away.

The main 2.2” TFT LCD with LED backlight gives you crystal clear, crisp and vibrant image and colors. The secondary 1.2” TFT LCD on the front cover keeps you always informed of the time / date, identity of callers, and what music is playing.

Qtek 8500 is coming to Europe in May.”