3GSM – More shots of the Samsung i320 hit the web

3GSM   More shots of the Samsung i320 hit the web If you’re hungry for yet more shots of the thin Samsung i320 then this Phonescoop article is definitely worth a look. This device came out of the blue and it’s yet another Q-competitor that’s even thinner than the Motorola model.

The link below contains loads of comparison and up-close photos of the handset and screen including a rather surprising shot of it next to a Motorola Q. I say surprising mainly because it makes the Q look positively huge. Motorola, if you’re reading this, you MUST get a move on. The Q must NOT be allowed to fail in the same way as the MPx100 (cancelled), Motorola MPx (vanished) and MPx220 (didn’t really sell well).

If you’re in Europe then there’s more good news. It looks like this device has been aimed squarely at European GSM 900/1800/1900 networks.

Link – Phonescoop.com article

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