3GSM – i-Mate Smartflip Pictured

3GSM   i Mate Smartflip Pictured The i-Mate Smartflip / HTC Star Trek is the device that has caused quite a stir recently. Now there’s some excellent pictures here at Phonescoop. I like this device, I really do. It’s wafer thin – check this shot in particular and it’s got a keyboard that proves it’s possible to think differently.

We’ve not really seen a successful flip-Smartphone since the Motorola MPx200 handset and I’m hoping that this Smartflip starts to appear on lots of networks. I’ve always gone on about “design” and “the wow factor” because a Smartphone can as “Smart” as it wants, but people still need that ultra-cool design. This Smartflip has it in buckets and yes, they’ve lifted the keyboard from a Motorola RAZR but hey, who cares, it’s got class!

Link – Phonescoop.com
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