3GSM – Tatung M1 Smartphone on display

3GSM   Tatung M1 Smartphone on display There’s not much about the the Tatung M1 at the Tatung website, even though it’s being shown at 3GSM this week. However, I guess that’s not all too surprising as there’s little mention of their Portable Media Center devices either.

If you’re making a portable media center then it’s not a huge stretch into Smartphone territory. The quad-band GPRS-enabled device has a 1.3 Negapixel camera with an LED Flash with 4x digital zoom. It’s also got Bluetooth 1.2 with the stereo wireless A2DP capability, hot-swappable MiniSD and Windows Mobile 5.0 and is powered by a Texus Instruments OMAP 730 processor running at 208 MHz

Never heard of Tatung mobile phones? Well, a few years ago no-one had heard of HTC either. Watch and learn.

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