HP iPAQ hw6510c On Show

HP iPAQ hw6510c On Show Damian Gale has been lucky enough to get his hands on a HP iPAQ hw6510. This device is being sold by HP in the UK and Cingular in the US, however we think that Vodafone may pick it up too. Although this one has got Windows Mobile 2003 SE it does mean that text and email fanatics will be able to send off their messages with ease.

Check out Damians’ thoughts on the handset, plus mega-hi-res photos below.

Product Specs…

The sleek HP iPAQ hw6510 and hw6515 Mobile Messenger is a global communications device giving you the best in connectivity, productivity, and mobility to stay connected on the go.

– Quad-band GSM/GPRS/EDGE 850/900/1800/1900 MHz for enhanced global use

– Integrated QWERTY keyboard for easy response to email, text, and instant messages.
– GPS location capabilities via integrated GPS receiver with separately purchased GPS navigation application provides driving directions at your fingertips

– Microsoft® Windows Mobile™ 2003 Second Edition software – Phone Edition

– 64MB RAM / 64MB ROM

– Integrated Bluetooth for use with various headsets, car kits and other accessories

– Integrated Secure Digital (SDIO) and Mini-SD slots for greater storage and expansion

– Optional 1.3 mega-pixel camera, with video capabilities

Damians’ thoughts…

The phone is fantastic to use and although small the QWERTY keyboard is easy to use with sausage fingers like mine, they have moved the calendar/messages to either side of the joystick which is good. I have previously owned the original SPV, orange M2000, C500, C600 & Vodafone Qtec 2020i and find the HP phone exactly the same to operate inc software. There is a couple of things
slightly renamed or placed but same ole when you have a big name on the device. The phone I’ve received doesn’t have wireless networking or camera – however the hw6515 has a 1.3 Megapixel camera.

The clear bonus with the phone is having built in GPS & software but although not called Tom Tom in the menu that’s what it is (cut down options), one downside unless I’m being thick you can only buy city maps from Tom Tom (only by internet connection one free download with phone, saves them to internal Mem only) but if you already have maps you cant select them (I couldn’t) so I just installed Tom Tom and it works fine using the inbuilt GPS receiver. One thing I have noticed is that the GPS signal
can be picked up indoors roughly 1m from a window so the signal is far better when in built up areas.

The phone has two SD card slots, one full size & one mini – I haven’t tried using both at the same time but I’m assuming you can use one for memory and one for a wireless adapter?!?

One feature I cant decide I like or not is the screen protector flap, I hate flip phones so reminds me of these but it is a good idea if you have keys/money in your pocket, you can remove it easily but its one of those I’ll leave it because its good’ things but its hard navigating the menu from the keyboard and nipple mouse, you tend to give up and use the touch screen.

One item I find really bloody annoying and this is the sort of thing people like HP, Dell, Compaq should get shot for is the lack of compatibility with the chargers/sync leads – they are the same bloody connector but don’t work with each other. As before I have had other SPVs and all of the chargers work with each other (except C500/600) so I have a nice little collection everywhere but now I’m forced to carry one as the HP is different !

Pictures …