3GSM – It’s those Visto boys again

3GSM   Its those Visto boys again You may remember that push-email providers Visto launched a law suit against Microsoft and their push-email solution. Now today, just as Microsoft launch their push-email solution, Visto state that they’re “Leaping Ahead” with Visto Mobile 5.5. They don’t mince their words either…

“Visto Corporation, the leading global provider of secure push mobile email, today extended its lead over competitors in the fast-growing market for mobile email services by unveiling the next generation of its messaging software.”

They also manage to cram in quite a few patent numbers, just to keep us aware of their legal action with MS..
“Visto’s technology is protected by U.S. Patents 6,085,192; 5,968,131; 6,023,708; 5,961,590; 6,131,116; 6,151,606; 6,233,341; 6,131,096, 6,708,221 ….5,436,960… (and so on)

Full Press release below..

New Mobile Email Platform Delivers Unprecedented User Control over
Professional and Personal Information

Barcelona, Spain, February 13, 2006 – Visto Corporation, the leading global provider of secure push mobile email, today extended its lead over competitors in the fast-growing market for mobile email services by unveiling the next generation of its messaging software. Visto Mobile 5.5 makes Visto the first and only mobile email provider to offer access to both professional and personal information, delivering unprecedented user control, on more than 75 popular devices. The Visto platform promises to truly liberate busy mobile workers.

“We’ve listened to our customers and understood their need for a push email offering that gives mobile workers more control over both personal and professional information,” said Visto Chairman, President and CEO Brian Bogosian. ‘We’ve created a solution that empowers mobile professionals to increase productivity and achieve a work-life balance. And by offering mobile users more choice and control with our new mobile email platform, we’re further enabling mobile operators to drive mass enterprise adoption. We’ve raised the bar for the whole mobile email community.”

Based on the award-winning ConstantSync™ architecture, Visto Mobile 5.5 includes a set of breakthrough features that give mobile professionals increased control over their mobile email usage:

•     True multiple mailbox management: lets users access personal email as well as their corporate mailbox on one device – and toggle between the two
•     Off duty hours: allows users to define their mobile email day
•     Corporate directory search: enables users to access local and remote personal and corporate address lists

Other Visto Mobile 5.5 features are designed to meet the increasingly exacting requirements of IT managers – including enhanced security features such as the ability to remotely remove or “wipe” data from a lost or stolen device, and setting timeframes for checking or “challenging” user passwords. It also provides operators with the means to be more innovative and creative in the way they market mobile email to different customer segments, such as pre-pay.

“As operators continue to roll-out mobile email to the mass enterprise market, it is essential that they think about the people using the service,” commented Rosie Secchi, Senior Analyst, European Wireless & Mobile Communications Group, IDC. “Visto has delivered the kind of features and functions that will enthuse and excite mobile workers – specifically in enabling access to multiple mail boxes – and drive widespread adoption.”

The launch of Visto Mobile 5.5 coincides with a new mobile email initiative by Visto called worklife.freedom™. Developed using input from mobile operators and a study of mobile workers around the world, worklife.freedom has been designed to better understand and address the issues that mobile professionals face when managing information while away from the office. 

The research, incorporating data from mobile workers in the US, UK and Italy, revealed a remarkably high level of comfort with the concept of mobile email, and a strong desire from users for more personal controls over the service. Some highlights from the study include:

•     70% of respondents wanted the ability to access both professional and personal email on the same device:  Mobile email was viewed as a tool for managing work-life balance issues
•     80% of mobile professionals want the ability to work flexibly: Users viewed mobile email as a key tool for remaining connected to critical information while out of the office or away from their desks

For full details on Visto’s worklife.freedom initiative and accompanying research study, please visit: http://www.visto.com


Visto Mobile 5.5 will be available to Mobile Operators worldwide in Q2 2006. Currently, Visto is powering mobile email services through more than 16
mobile operators, including Cingular, Rogers Wireless, Sprint-Nextel and the Vodafone Group