Orange UK EDGE Network

Orange UK EDGE Network One thing that slipped through my net recently was the launch of EDGE in the UK on Orange. This is great news for those of you with EDGE compatible handsets (like the Orange SPV C600) however it still doesn’t signal the release of the Orange SPV M3000 in the UK (this is sold as the o2 XDA Mini and the T-Mobile Vario too). Orange state..

“Enhanced Data for GSM Evolution (EDGE) .. provides download and browsing speeds that are up to three-times faster than GPRS. Orange tested the EDGE network throughout 2005 and now has 300 network sites enabled for EDGE across the UK. Orange intends to have over 1,500 sites enabled for EDGE by the end of the year.

The EDGE network complements Orange’s existing 3G network by providing enhanced delivery of advanced mobile services and by extending Orange UK’s coverage for high data speeds. The Orange EDGE radio network is based on technology designed and supplied by Nokia and is live on the Orange network today.”

All good news. We keep hammering on about speed and data coverage, but it’s essential – especially when 8Mbps broadband and ADSL 2+ is right around the corner. People just aren’t prepared to pay for uber-slow download speeds any more. Orange list five “3G and EDGE-enabled handsets”, which includes the SPV M5000. We’re not 100% sure whether EDGE will only be made available to 3G customers, or if it’s available to anyone on a standard contract and a capable phone.

Link – Orange UK launch EDGE Network (Tip – Steve Hurcombe)