Follow the Virgin Atlantic Global Flyer

Follow the Virgin Atlantic Global Flyer Steve Fossett is currently at the controls of the Virgin Atlantic Global Flyer in order to set the record for the longest flight of all time. He’s attemting to fly over 700 miles further than any aircraft or balloon has flown. Conchango are the Web Mission Control and a key sponsor of the flight and they’re giving you all the ability to keep an eye on how the mission is going.

Click here to get the “Global Flyer Tracker” as a CAB file so that you can check on progress anywhere. Copy the CAB file (download the 2003 version if you’re having problems installing) to your phone and then execute it, after install you’ll see something like this (or this on a PPC). Updates and a zoom-able map show the current position of the plane.

Best of all is the fact that this is the exact software that the Virgin Atlantic team are using and they’ll be showing the press later today!

Links – Virgin Atlantic Global FlyerWindows Mobile Global Flyer Tracker Software