Add a turbo to your Pocket PC

Add a turbo to your Pocket PC Back when PCs were the same speed as your Windows Mobile phone everyone was “overclocking” their CPU’s. For the unaware Wikipedia states that overclocking is….

“Making a computer component run at a higher clock speed than the manufacturer’s specification. Although there are many different reasons for overclocking, the most popular reason is to increase hardware performance. Overclocking can result in system instablity and sometimes even hardware failure if done carelessly.”

Take note of that last part if you do decide to download it here (you may have to register and check page 3 for version 0.2). This utility, called “OmapClock” boosts TI OMAP processors like those found in the T-Mobile MDA / MDA Vario / Dopod 818 Pro / SPV M3000 / UTSTacom XV6700 handset (HTC Wizard / HTC Magician / HTC Prophet). You need to copy the exe file over to your device then run it. On the right you can see some comparison speeds when tested with TCPMP. However as usual if your handset begins to melt then don’t come crying to me… blimey, I sound like my mom! 🙂

Link – XDA Developers