The Mad Competition Results!

The Mad Competition Results! OK so it’s Monday and I’ve had a nightmare choosing winners! We’ve had Stuey Roscoe sending in pictures of girls, girls and yet more girls. We’ve had Lee Sainsbury freezing his phone to make a real “CoolSmartPhone”, weird car accidents from Jonathan Howells, celebs from Brian Cover and beautiful shots from Scott Stevinson. Plus of course people have tried to bribe me with shots of spirits (Craig Booth), Guiness (Mark Muddimer), beer (Mark Davison) and even more beer.

Picking a winner out of the 306 options we had (all in less than a week I might add!!) was incredibly difficult and I’d love to send something out to you all. However, the winner of the Orange SPV C550 is this shot from Ryan O’Connor who said, “I was totally bored in uni lectures the other week so decided to play with some of the course lunch that was laid on for us”.

The music dock goes to this photo from Daniel Brook who says, “This was taken near Earls Court, very weird bloke, even weirder shop!”

Many thanks to all of you who entered. There weren’t as many scantily clad women as I’d hoped (I’ll get a whack off the missus when I get home for that one), however I’m going to keep this “Mad Competition Gallery” online as a testament to how mad you lot really are 🙂

Link – The “Mad Competition Gallery”