Podcast 18 Online

Podcast 18 Online Podcast number 18 is now online here. As you know by now I record these whilst driving home from work. I had to do this podcast twice because some muppet decided it’d be a great idea to try and join the M6 at 20mph on the slip-road. When he stopped and indicated I lost patience with him, and swore for about 5 minutes solid, so it kinda ruined the flow of the podcast đŸ˜‰

Podcast 18 includes the Music Dock from Brando, the new armour-case for the iMate K-Jam, M6 maniac drivers (yes, more of them), our mad competition, the Orange SPV M2000 update, Friday fun-time videos and much more.. Oh, and I do a spot of DJ-ing in the middle for no reason. Big shout out y’all.

Link – CoolSmartPhone Podcast 18