Orange SPV M2000 Update … err.. Update

Orange SPV M2000 Update ... err.. Update We mentioned that there was an update for the Orange SPV M2000 the other day (here), well Bob Khatker tried it out and said…

“I performed the new Rom update on my phone last night, and it does contain Windows Media Player 10. It’ll also allow specific ringtones to be applied for individual contacts and support for mp3 ringtones! However, when I try to assign MP3s the phone crashed!”

Ahh.. Well, ermm.. He’s passed us the new details.

“Operator Version :

ROM Version : 1.40.00 WWE

ROM Date : 03/10/05

Radio Version : 1.06.02

Protocol Version : 1337.38

ExtROM Version : 1.40.179 WWE”

Credit – Bob Khatker