We’ve been hit

Weve been hit Jeez…. Log files.. I hate looking at them. That’s all I’ve been looking at this weekend, mainly because we have been attacked, massively. I’ve never had a Denial Of Service Attack before and I never want to again. This one, I believe, was a “distributed denial of service” attack, meaning that the IP address hitting our server changes each time.

Literally every three, two or even one second a request has been coming in for one particular file and it’s been getting worse day-by-day. It’s only through stopping the web server, checking log files, then starting it again, then checking more log files, then stopping.. that I’ve been able to sort this out.

I’ll be keeping an eye on the situation as it progresses because I’m in no doubt that they’ll try again with a different file. Apologies for the downtime this weekend.