Video Ringtone Maker for Windows Mobile released

Video Ringtone Maker for Windows Mobile released This is Watchtone Studio Pro 2.0 from Makayama Media. Windows Mobile support has now been added to this software, making it the first video ringtone solution for Windows Mobile phones. The software lets you create video ringtones for more than 50 mobile phones – yes, even those Symbian ones. Makayama Media say of the product…

“Watchtone Studio Pro 2.0 is the easiest tool for content agregators, ringtone providers and others with a video, film or tv catalogue to create video ringtones which can be sold over-the-air to consumers. A Symbian version was already available, but has now been extended to support the growing segment of Windows Smartphones.”

This Pro software has already been grabbed by companies across the world to sell and produce video ringtones. It’ll give full control over the filesize, bitrate, framerate plus phone number and name get displayed too.

Wait – I know what you’re all saying, “I want to have a go at this! I’m not a huge Jamster-type corporation! When can mere mortals like me get this software?” Well, the good news is that a consumer version will be released in a few months so watch this space!

Link – Watchtone Studio Pro 2.0Makayama Media