SOTI Pocket Controller v5.05 Now Available

SOTI Pocket Controller v5.05 Now Available Pocket Controller-Professional v5.05 is now available here. It’s the program to use if you want full control over your mobile device. The new version brings …

– Multi-Lingual Keyboard Support : Enter data into your mobile device in any language including far eastern languages

– Security : New options to detect unauthorized access, as well as options to limit access to your mobile device

– User Interface : New battery and memory status indicators, as well as a variety of other improvements to the user interface

– Device Support – Enhanced support for Windows Mobile 5 devices, as well as devices with 24 and 32 bit video hardware

If you’ve purchased this in the last 6 months you’ll get a free upgrade, however there’s a 20% on offer too.

Pocket Controller-Professional v5.05 lets you enter data quickly into your mobile device using your PC, full remote control, file transfer, screen capture (we use it for our reviews!), video capture plus you can use it for presentation (show off your Windows Mobile phone or software on a big screen!) and much more.

Link – Pocket Controller-Professional v5.05