Now watch UK Traffic Cameras on your Smartphone

Now watch UK Traffic Cameras on your Smartphone The guys at Vizzion have announced that their innovative traffic-watching system “Traffic Vizzion” is now available in the UK. Using roadside and traffic cameras Traffic Vizzion brings the latest pictures to you, so you can quickly check your regular route to work for congestion. You can browse cameras by region or – if you have a GPS – you can watch the road ahead or see nearby cameras for alternative routes. It’s like having your own personal zoom lens!

Traffic Vizzion will initially be available in 11 cities across the UK and is targeted at commuters, business travellers, long-haul drivers, delivery drivers, holiday-makers, or anyone else who needs to see road conditions in advance.

The best bit is that you can get a fully functional free two week trial here!

Links – Traffic VizzionSee it in Action