Control your phone using TrueConnect

Control your phone using TrueConnect Whilst doing some handset reviews recently I had to find a new way to remotely control a device and take screen shots. You can use this power toy if you’re running an older Smartphone or Pocket PC, however it doesn’t like the newer models. I settled on using Soti Pocket Controller but I’m still blown away by TrueConnect by Raspberry Software.

I’m sure you’ve seen those PC’s with two monitors – move the mouse off the side of one monitor and it’ll appear on the next. Clever stuff, but imagine doing this and having your Smartphone as the second monitor! Yes, it can be done and – whilst we wait for the full release any day now – you can get the Technical Preview here. I was amazed by this – I just move my mouse to the left side (this can be altered) of my monitor and it suddenly appears on my phone, allowing me to quickly type text messages using my PC keyboard, navigate the menu system.. everything. Look – a mouse pointer on my phone! It’s absolutely amazing and it’s free too.

Fantastic stuff. Download this now. Don’t argue, just download it. Excellent excellent excellent.

Link – Trueconnect @ Raspberry Software (Check out the Flash demonstation too).
Credit – Bill Lauber