CES: Microsoft and Motorola Booth Tours..and..

CES: Microsoft and Motorola Booth Tours..and.. Engadget have a tour of the the Microsoft booth at CES in (y’know, that Consumer Entertainment Show in Las Vegas). There’s some great shots of…. err.. Windows Vista…. … ermm.. more Windows Vista… Err.. Vista.. Oh! Look.. Windows… Media Center (someone really should tell them about that spelling mistake!) Lets see.. where was I ? X-Box 360… Windows Live.. Windows Media Player 11… AH! Look! At the bottom! Look, it’s that Dale Coffing fella showing off the Palm Treo.

Meanwhile across the hall there’s the Motorola booth and look, there’s that Motorola Q. I’ve had a play of one of these and, although it wasn’t for long, you can tell it’s got the smell of greatness. Come on Moto. We want it baby.

So there you go. That’s the interesting stuff at the CES and a look at the interesting stuff at the booths…ermmm.. err…. wait.. wait a minute.. can I have 27 of whatever these girls are selling? Shallow? Who? Me?

Links – Microsoft Booth TourMotorola Booth Tour

Update - Screw it, I'm ordering a Music Dock! :)
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