CES 2006 – Bill Gates and Windows Mobile

CES 2006   Bill Gates and Windows Mobile Last night Bill Gates made his keynote at CES in Las Vegas (webcast here). In the speech he states that there’s now a hundred Smartphones on 93 networks in 55 countries with 5 million devices being shipped in 2006 – 36% up on 2005. The Treo 700w, which is available today on Verizon in the USA, was mentioned as Bill showed the audience how easy it is to use. Palm also used CES to mention the 25 accessories they’ve launched for the 700w too.

Bill Gates also discussed the Motorola Q, which is definitely coming “this year” and showed this Phillips handset, which is a wireless home phone. Although it has all the standard capabilities of a regular cordless home phone it’ll also let you use messenger and make VoIP calls.

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