Skype (sort of) working on your Smartphone

Skype (sort of) working on your Smartphone Here’s an interesting story I spotted whilst browsing SmartPhoneThoughts. Blogger “Headworx” has himself an i-Mate SP5m which comes with WiFi on-board. One problem though is that you can’t really run stuff like Skype on it as the current Smartphone version only lets you do instant messaging.

Headworx has found a way around this, and copied the Pocket PC .exe file across to his Smartphone. After using SOTI Pocket Controller – the excellent program for remotely controlling your Smartphone / Pocket PC – he managed to get it logged in. The only problem appears to be the power under the hood of the SP5m, which isn’t quite enough for a good quality Skype call, however it does show that Skype VoIP calls should be possible on a Smartphone if enough bandwidth and CPU size is available.

Link – Headworx Blog (Via