Crazy Frog gets £40,000 fine

Crazy Frog gets £40,000 fine Oh shame, the ringtone provider behind the demon cartoon character from hell has been fined £40,000 by phone regulator “Icstis”. The ruling which can be found here – states that..

“……following the receipt of consumer complaints by ICSTIS … in respect of a reverse billed SMS subscription service (JN5). The service allowed consumers to download mobile ringtones and logos including the “Crazy Frog”, “Sweety the Chick”, “Nessie the Dragon” and “Dancing Teddy” by texting to a shortcode 88888 …. ”

Basically kids never realised that by texting “88888” and getting their ringtone for about 3 quid (or whatever) they’d effectively signed themselves up to a “club” where yet more ringtones would be sent to them on a regular basis – all costing them more money. Although ring-tone providers would never admit it, they’re obviously trying to bleed children dry for as much cash as is humanly possible because (a) they’re cash-hungry arses and (b) they know that this is an excellent way of fleecing at least a tenner a week from kids (c) If they “forget” to mention, or put it in incredibly small writing on the screen for half a second that they’re in fact signing themselves up for a subscription and there’s some weird “code” you have to send to get OFF that subscription (like STPCRAZYFRGOK23) then that’s OK really, ‘cus kids are dumb and their parents will give them cash so that the PayAsYouGo phone is “topped up” constantly for “safety”. (Sorry, a little biased there!)

Although Jamba, who created and advertised the *£”%&^$£^ frog thing (AKA Jamster) got off fairly lightly, service-provider “MBlox” were fined £40,000 and ordered to pay costs. However, Icstis said…

“In the present case the revenue figures supplied to the Panel indicated that this Service was hugely successful”

…we doubt the £40,000 fine will hurt them much…

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