Atomiclava Closes Down

Atomiclava Closes Down The much-praised mobile photo-blogging service at is to close its doors. In a statement James and the team said…

“I regret to inform you that the service will be shutting down in the New Year. Its been a fun ride over the last 2 years; you’ve participated in the birth of Moblogging and many of you have provided valuable thoughts and ideas as well as support (Gears in particular.. thanks dude 😉 ). Thank you!

Atomiclava has always been a side project and, as such, has never had the investment in time or money that would have been required to enable the project to become self funding. That coupled with the proliferation of Windows Mobile devices requiring support, bandwidth and storage costs has led to the decision to close down.”

🙁 It’s a shame. I loved AtomicLava, however other free services to get photos direct from your Smartphone onto your own website are now available, such as the excellent Splashblog are now available. Splashblog is now hosting my new photo blog, your CoolSmartPhone User Blog and my gadget blog.

Posting to AtomicLava will be disabled in the next week or so and the site will be taken down sometime in January 6th.

Links – AtomicLava.netSplashblog