RoverPC M1 – Russia gets a Smartphone too

RoverPC M1   Russia gets a Smartphone too This afternoon I took a trip across to Russia, wait.. perhaps it was a disused military base in the UK. Either way, I found this RoverPC M1 Smartphone. It’s even got a “Çåðêàëî äëÿ àâòîïîðòðåòíîé ñú¸ìêè”, which I think is a camera. It’s got a 1.3 Megapixel cam and runs Windows Mobile 2003 SE.

Although this may be old news we haven’t seen many murmourings about it on the web, so it deserves a mention. The M1 looks a lot like the old Motorola MPx100 and has a 176×220 screen. Plus, if you’re daft enough to have been fooled into a TV show training you to become a Cosmonaught in Russia when – in reality – you’re in Suffolk being laughed at by millions of people in the UK, then you should be able to buy this now.

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