Something a little different this Friday

Something a little different this Friday We’re building up a reputation for bringing you fun stuff every Friday. This week is a little different, but it’s still rather excellent indeed. It all started when Mark Lee emailed in to say that he had some MP3’s for the unsigned artists section of our downloads area. I thought this area would be a great place to allow you guys to download tunes to your phone and listen to some excellent unsigned groups on the move. Mark then emailed in more, and more… and now we have his entire album online here!

Mark started as a sound engineer/club DJ back when the dance-rave scene and ended up doing his own album in 2001. So now, for you lucky CoolSmartPhone members out there you only need to log in and click here to download the tracks!

Find more information on Mark below. Many thanks for this mate! Mark began work when dance and rave was at it’s peak in the UK in 1994, engineering parties across the uk for promoters like Dance Planet, Obsession and Fantazia.

DJ’ing began in the south west in small underground clubs playing audiences of about 50-100 people and then progressing onto warehouse parties for over 1000 people on the goonhilly downs overlooking the earth satelite stations in Cornwall.

After so many years playing music it naturally progressed into the production side of things in early 1999. Utilising all the music making and sampling software available, things started to take shape with tunes ranging from the more ambient/chilled out vibe to the heavier dance/d+b end of the scale, also making fills/jingles for a few online dance music radio stations. In 2001 involvement in a ‘Pirate’ radio station in Plymouth meant the music could be heard by a massive audience in the surrounding area’s which resulted in the Timeline Album being produced for sale in local outlets.

One of the tracks featured on the Timeline album, HAL 9000 has received rave reviews from the ‘Gods Of Music’ online reviewing site, recieving scores of 9.70/10, another tune receiving the award for best techno track at a festival in Brighton for electronic musicians. While Mark has had a hectic life taking his DJ skills and live music sets on the road, things have to slow down at some point. Mark can now be found on the end of the phone line when you call Orange data support, if you call them one day be sure to say hello!