Orange Calling Tunes

Orange Calling Tunes Jon Pewtner has emailed in about a new feature on Orange. They’ve recently introduced a new feature called “Orange Calling Tunes”. This allows callers to hear a funky musical ringing tone over the top of the usual, “ring ring” tone. Plus you can even set up different Calling Tunes for up to fifteen people on your contacts list.

For more info, click onto the Orange webpage on your phone and choose “Calling Tunes” or click here. There’s a range of free tunes and sounds, although there’s more to choose from at £2.50 a pop. Each Calling Tune is stored on the Orange network so there’s no downloading and you can preview any track by calling 477 from your Orange phone. Plus, if people get annoyed you can go back to the good old fashioned ‘ring ring’ any time. Just call 477 or use Orange World on your phone.

Link – Orange Calling Tunes
Credit – John Pewter