Teddyfone – A mobile for four-year-olds?

Teddyfone   A mobile for four year olds? What’s this ? A teddy bear ? Well yes, but it’s also a mobile phone. This cute device has been causing quite a stir on news sites today because it’s aimed squarely at children.

There’s no screen or ringtone uploads here, which is a good thing. There’s ten times less microwave emissions than a conventional mobile phone (in fact, it has the lowest SAR value ever), which is another good thing. It’s also only got four buttons, which parents can set to dial only certain pre-defined numbers. As you can see, it’s also errrmmmm.. a teddy, so big ugly muggers won’t want to pinch it.

However, by directly marketting children as young as four they’ve come under severe criticism. Health Protection Agency boss Sir William Stewart, said making mobiles for such young children just ain’t right…

“My advice is that they should not have them because children’s skulls are not fully thickened, their nervous systems are not fully developed and the radiation penetrates further into their brains.”

The MPOA (the Mobile Phone Operators’ Association) said…

“The companies we represent don’t market their products to under-16s”

The “Teddyfone” can also be used as a tracking device so that you can keep an eye on your children.

Links – Teddyfone.com