So, how did you lose that mobile phone?

So, how did you lose that mobile phone? We ran a story last week asking you guys to send in your “how I lost my phone” stories. We had stacks. Unfortunately we also had a lot of, “How I didn’t really lose my phone, but swindled the insurance to get a new one” stories, which I’ve had to omit to protect the .. err… guilty 🙂

Anyhow, click “Read More” below if you’re viewing this on the front page to see some of the best of the bunch.

Many thanks to those of you who emailed in!

As phony ( pun intended ) as this sounds, it’s the truth.

About 3 years ago while on a business trip to Knoxville TN., I was unloading my luggage out of my co-workers SUV and didn’t notice that my phone must have fallen out of my belt clip and landed beside the SUV. Out of habit I checked my side right before entering the hotel and noticed my phone was missing. I quickly returned to the SUV but couldnt find my phone anywhere. I stood up and while looking around the parking lot, I noticed a little green flashing light moving through some vegetation beside the hotel. It was about 50 yards away by that time but I knew it must be my phone. After chasing the GREEN light about a block and a half I caught up to it. It turned out to be attached to the mouth of a little black poodle who was very reluctant to give it back. much to my dismay and my co-workers delight, the Motorola Vader $500.00 analog only flip phone was in 4 useless pieces. When I told the representative at cellular one what happened, he said it had to be the most unusual excuse he had ever heard of for breaking ones phone.

They honored the insurance contract and replaced the phone with a new one. I dont know how unusual it really was but ive gotten more than a few laughs with the story.



I upgraded from the classic MPx200 to the c500 in April, I was completely over the moon with my new smartphone and was very happy with all the functions and upgrades from the MPx200…


I went to my college summer ball, I had my smart new suit on, which had a nice little pocket on the inside of the jacket perfect for my phone. The only problem is that it wasn’t perfect for the waltzers. I was enjoying the ride on the waltzers with me, my best best mate and two lady friends, when my mate complained that something just hit him in the head. I laughed and just passed it off…

…He said it felt like a phone.

I checked my pocket and my phone was gone. There was a c500 battery case in our car, but nothing else.

One of the ride operators was kind enough to not start the ride up until I found my, now destroyed, c500…

I will never take my phone onto a roller coaster again!

Michael Joyeux