HTC clarify HSPDA stance

HTC clarify HSPDA stance HTC have confirmed to The Register that High Speed Data Packet Access (HSDPA) handsets are on the 2006 roadmap. HTC President Peter Chou said that HSDPA support should be available for “The second half of next year” and that integrated GPS technology is also coming.

UK network o2 have already announced their involvement in HSDPA – which is expected to take download speeds to at least 1.4Mbps. o2 are planning a launch of their HSDPA devices in Q3 2006.

HTC, makers of a huge amount of Windows Mobile handsets, are now working in Europe and will concentrate on bringing even more handsets here. We have already seen the HTC Breeze and Muse coming with HSPDA access.

Source – The Register