Your Photo Blog – Overhauled .. and now fixed!!

Your Photo Blog   Overhauled .. and now fixed!! Last week we mentioned the launch of Splashblog onto the Smartphone. It’s a free piece of software that lets you get your photos on the web quickly and easily. Well, that got me thinking about the “Your Blog” feature and how it could be improved. Thanks to Splashblog we’ve given it a total overhaul.

To get your photos online for millions to see here at CoolSmartPhone now couldn’t be easier. Just click here and follow the instructions on setting up. It’s then just a matter of taking a shot and clicking “Sync”. Splashblog will even set your camera to 640×480 to reduce your GPRS bill (and then change it back to whatever it was set to) – but remember you can Sync while using your PC’s net connection.

Update – I ballsed up. This is now working ! Sorry guys!

Links – Download SplashBlog hereSplashBlog website

Be part of the action – click here for your photo blog or the link on the left.