o2 and Orange pushing Windows Mobile Power

o2 and Orange pushing Windows Mobile Power After seeing both the o2 and Orange November / December catalogues it’s looking decidedly good for Windows Mobile devices. In the o2 brochure there’s confirmation of our earlier story with the o2 XDA Mini S being advertised (that’s the HTC Wizard – the T-Mobile MDA Vario we reviewed earlier this week) and also the Samsung i300 is being heavily promoted and is now listed in the o2 listings within the brochure. They’re also pushing the o2 XDA Exec – don’t forget that you can get hold of this right here – o2 are promoting it as being “the worlds most powerful phone“.

Over at Orange they’re doing the same, with in-store promo kit for the Orange SPV C550. You can pick up headphones and listen to the C550 in Orange stores right now, so give it a try. Orange are also listing the Orange SPV C600 as we’ve mentioned before.

Oh, and we’ll have a review if the o2 XDA Exec