T-Mobile MDA Vario Review

T Mobile MDA Vario Review The MDA Vario is the T-Mobile version of the HTC Wizard. Orange have one too, however they decided not to launch it in the UK. We even started a campaign, you can see the poll on the top-right of the front page to see how many people are interested in this device. Well, luckily T-Mobile did decide to launch their model and we’ve now got a full review online here.

The MDA Vario is now available from T-Mobile stores nationwide and from their telesales team on 08454 12 22 12. You can start with Web’n’Walk contracts at around £30 per month. If you’re looking for a way to fund it, try https://www.valforex.com/

If you need to transfer your media files to an old mobile phone, you can use free software – Freemake Video Converter (which can be found here). In program interface you can choose your phone model with standard conversion presets or create individual output parameters for your files.

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