o2 XDA Mini S Coming to UK!

o2 XDA Mini S Coming to UK! Yes, it certainly appears that way. Paul Woodhouse has emailed in to say…

“Thought you might want to know that I’ve just called o2 and the guy confirmed to me that they will be releasing the HTC Wizard as the ‘O2 XDA Mini S’ in the UK and it will be available to buy Online on the 21st November!”

Now that is good news! You may recall that we published news of its’ German release a few months back. News that the HTC Wizard – now out on T-Mobile here in the UK as the “MDA Vario” – is coming on o2 too is yet more evidence of just how good this device is. In fact, I’m just polishing off my review of this unit and it’ll be online in just a few short hours, so watch this space – ‘cus you know that we’re chuffing’ good. đŸ™‚