Atomiclava – New Version for QVGA Smartphones

Atomiclava   New Version for QVGA Smartphones We continually go on about how chuffing brilliant AtomicLava is. To put it briefly, this software sits on your Smartphone and allows you to take photos, add a comment, then publish it on t’interblob straight away. This is great when you’re on holiday and stuff, or you just wanna get pictures (such as random photos of beer) into an online gallery quickly. In fact, I’ve been using the software for ages and it’s at the heart of my photo blog. Well, now we have AtomicLava have a spanky new version for QVGA (higher resolution) Smartphones like the C550 and C600 on Orange. It’s not yet been published on their site, however we are able to tell you that it’s now available here on their blog.

Link –

UPATE – There’s now an updated link here. This is a direct link to the CAB file so you’ll need to run it ON your Smartphone.

This version is compatible with Windows Mobile 5.0 and QVGA Smartphones.

Link –

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