A naughty weekend with the T-Mobile Vario

A naughty weekend with the T Mobile Vario Thanks to my endless charm, wit and ..err.. modesty I’ve managed to secure a dirty weekend with the T-Mobile Vario. I’ve got just 48 hours to test this kit, which came with the CoPilot Live (6) software and a Bluetooth GPS device.

First impressions? Well, I’ve only had it for an hour so far and I’m impressed by how nimble it is – plus the size of the device won’t scare of Smartphone fans who are thinking of swapping to a stylus-driven Pocket PC. The slide-out keyboard is excellent and a dream to use plus browsing on the slight-smaller-than-normal Pocket PC screen is fantastic.

We’re hearing that people are now able to get this from T-Mobile stores, so if you wanna have a play with one yourself get down there and have a look. Also – if you’re after one, I’ve heard that calling their telesales team on 08454 12 22 12 will probably bag you one 😉 A review of the device will be on its way soon.

It’s also worth mentioning our poll. Remember we asked you guys, “Do you want the Orange SPV M3000 in the UK?”. Now, as you may know, Orange have called their version of the Vario the “SPV M3000”, but there’s no plans to launch in the UK – just pretty much everywhere else ! 🙁 So far we’ve had nearly 620 out of 870 people voting a “Yes” to the question. It looks like the Vario could well be getting 620 customers very soon…

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