T-Mobile MDA Pro hits Stuff’s Top 10

T Mobile MDA Pro hits Stuffs Top 10 Stuff Magazine have just announced their Cool List for 2005 featuring the 10 most desirable gadgets known to man. The Stuff Cool List isn’t just a celebration of cutting-edge tech – it’s almost like a Gadget Oscars.

At number 5 in these Oscars is the T-Mobile MDA Pro – AKA the o2 XDA Exec or the Orange SPV M5000. Stuff Magazine call it..

“The smallest laptop in history, or the most powerful mobile phone? Either way, it’s a winner…”

Number 5? Not bad, not bad at all! Full details of the Cool List can be found in the December issue of Stuff, out 4th November, or by visiting StuffMag.co.uk. Hang on – why isn’t the lovely lady holding the MDA Pro too eh? 🙂

Link – Stuff Magazine