T-Mobile launches the MDA Vario in UK

T Mobile launches the MDA Vario in UK Well, if Orange won’t launch the SPV M3000 in the UK then it leaves the door wide open for another UK network to launch their version of the same handset. Step forward T-Mobile, who have now officially annouced the launch of the T-Mobile MDA Vario. With a top-end price of just £189.99 (and that’s the most you’d pay), it’s damned good value – especially when you consider that you’ll probably get it for a lot less than that on certain tariffs!

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Credit – T-Mobile UK PR Team

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Key features of the MDA Vario:
– Web’n’walk™ device – Internet on the move
– Microsoft Windows Mobile 5.0 software
– Quad band capability with GSM, GPRS and Wi-Fi connectivity
– Featuring slide out QWERTY keyboard
– Co Pilot® Live 6 satellite navigation available

London, UK – 1st November 2005: T-Mobile today announces the launch of its latest Microsoft based device, the MDA Vario. The newest addition to      T-Mobile’s stable, the MDA Vario delivers a powerful communications experience for business professionals requiring a feature-rich device to support their hectic, always-on-the-go lifestyle.

The MDA Vario comes fully loaded with Microsoft Windows Mobile 5.0 software, including Pocket Word, Excel, PowerPoint and Outlook, providing business professionals with access to critical business information where they want it, when they need it. The device also includes an email setup Wizard to quickly configure with Gmail, Yahoo, BT, and AOL to pick-up email on the move.

The T-Mobile web‘n’walk™ enabled MDA Vario provides simple, open Internet access. All T-Mobile web‘n’walk devices are pre-installed with a web browser which allows customers to access the open internet and view web pages as they would on their PC.

The MDA Vario can also be purchased with the latest flexible satellite navigation system CoPilot® Live 6, which provides turn by turn voice guidance door to door. With the latest street maps pre-loaded, and real time traffic alerts, CoPilot® Live 6 is packed with advanced features and customised to avoid or favour certain road types, set average road speeds, or create driving profiles for use at different times of day such as rush hour.

A sleek functional QWERTY keyboard slides from the MDA Vario’s casing, allowing easy text entry for text email and checking your latest ebay purchase. Alternatively information can also be entered via a stylus on the touch screen. Complementing the device’s rich office environment is a 1.3 mega-pixel camera, which allows for high quality picture and video capture, ideal for embedding multimedia in presentations and documents.

MDA Vario provides a variety of connectivity options, including quad band capability, as well as GSM, GPRS, Wi-Fi and Bluetooth connectivity.

Simon Ainslie, T-Mobile UK Director of Business Sales, said: “T-Mobile’s MDA Vario offers a fantastic all-round mobile working experience with data, Internet, office systems and communications always accessible and available. T-Mobile is once again taking the lead in transforming the way people live and work by supporting their need for access to information and communication anywhere, anytime.”
The MDA Vario is now available from T-Mobile stores nationwide and on-line at www.t-mobile.co.uk with a web’n’walk pay monthly contract from £30 per month. The cost of the device is dependent on the price plan selected and the most a customer would pay is £189.99.

Web’n’walk tariffs
There are three simple tariff bands. Each provides 40MB of data usage a month and bundles this with voice minutes. The difference in monthly tariff reflects the number of voice minutes. Voice minutes are to any mobile or UK fixed line phones, any time, any day.
                               web‘n’walk 100       web‘n’walk 200        web‘n’walk 400
Monthly line rental                  £30                   £38                          £55
Inclusive minutes                    100                    200                          400
Inclusive MB                         40MB                40MB                       40MB
Data run-on rate per MB      £1/MB                £1/MB                      £1/MB

For more information about T-Mobile, please visit www.t-mobile.co.uk