WORLD EXCLUSIVE- o2 Samsung i300 WILL have Windows Mobile 5.0

WORLD EXCLUSIVE  o2 Samsung i300 WILL have Windows Mobile 5.0 How many of you have noticed that the Samsung i300 has now slipped back to a November release? Well, I have so I thought I should try and find out why. It was previously slated for an October release, so I asked some top bods at o2 what was happening. They’ve told me that they can now confirm that the o2 (announced here at CoolSmartPhone first) will run Windows Mobile 5.0.

More on this to come, but this is excellent news for anyone considering this particular handset. Oh – and yes, I know about the reviews stating it’s got Windows Mobile 2003SE, but this news about WM 5.0 has come straight from o2 UK themselves!

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UPDATE – Read this story for an important correction on this item.