HTC StarTrek appears – and it looks fantastic!

HTC StarTrek appears   and it looks fantastic! The HTC Star Trek, which we previously guessed would probably be a clamshell/flip-style handset, has now appeared here at As you can see from the picture, it’s a whole new design and approach from HTC from the ground up. It also looks like they’re going head-to-head with Motorola and their RAZR handsets. There’s even a comparison with the dimensions ..

HTC StarTrek – 98.5 x 51.4 x 15.8 mm

Motorola RAZR V3 – 98 x 53 x 13.9 mm

There’s also an uprated specs list….

Network – EDGE, GPRS, GSM Quadband

Screen – 320×240 QVGA

I/O- Bluetooth, Micro SD slot

Cam – 2 Megapixel Camera with Flash

Processor – TI OMAP processor
Memory – 64 RAM, 64 or 128 ROM

The release date for this handset is around March 2006, however allow time after this for networks to pick it up after testing.

Wow. What can I say ? I remember the Orange SPV Classic. The HTC StarTrek is just light-years ahead, and I really hope it does as well as every other HTC handset!

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