Orange SPV C600 – Full Specifications and details

Orange SPV C600   Full Specifications and details A few weeks back I had an email with some information about the Orange SPV C600. However, I had to sit on it for a bit so I didn’t get my nads chopped off by Orange. Now, following the release of info on the C600 and M3000, we can present you with the specs we received.

Click “read more” below to see the full Orange SPV C600 specifications and details. Oh, and no.. there’s no WiFi.. 🙁

Orange SPV C600   Full Specifications and details

SPV C600

The SPV C600 is the latest 2.5G Orange SPV to join our line up. In terms of looks and functionality the C600 is more like the C500 and C500 than the recent M1500 and M5000.

Like the C550, the C600 has 64MB of internal memory and is compatible with mini-SD memory cards; the C600 comes bundled with a 128MB mini-SD card, so users can start downloading and transferring music without having to buy any more kit. The integrated Windows Media Player will play WAV, MP3, AMR, WMC and AAC file types, which means that users should always be able to transfer their music to the C600, whatever format they have it in.

The integrated camera offers a 4X zoom and supports Photo and Video Messaging, connectivity options are well catered for with Bluetooth, Infrared and USB and a USB cable is supplied in the box.

Internet Explorer provides access not just to Orange World, but also to the Internet, plus the C600 supports Java games and applications. Users can send and receive email from their C600 and exchange Instant Messages with the MSN Messenger application.

Key features and benefits

Windows Mobile 5 This operating includes a new Media Player and greater stability

Photo and Video Messaging Capture, save and share the moment with the C600’s integrated capable camera.

Images and Videos can be sent to and from the C600 by MMS, Infrared, Bluetooth, email and synchronisation using the USB cable.

1.3 megapixel camera Customers can take advantage of our MMS services with the 1.3 megapixel camera.

Users can zoom in and out of the subject by scrolling up and down with the Action key.

Bluetooth Enables wirefree connection between other Bluetooth devices, (PHF’s, PDA’s, carkits and laptops) within a 10 metre radius.

mini-SD card compatibility Store games, music, images, video and MP3 files on mini-SD cards which currently go up to 1Gbyte.

64,536-colour screen The colour screen is capable of displaying 65,536 colours and is ideal for browsing Orange World, playing Java games and viewing MMS messages.

Infrared Share data between devices wirelessly, (the 2 devices need to be within line of sight).

Java™ for playing bundled and The C600 has 64MB of internal memory, which provides space for downloaded 3D games Java games and applications.

Java games and applications can be downloaded from Orange World or from the internet and transferred from a PC to the C600.

Users can keep and eye on how much memory they have left, and delete applications through the ‘File Manager’ and ‘Space Maker’ menus.

USB data cable If a customers PC isn’t compatible with Infrared or Bluetooth they can purchase the USB data cable accessory to synchronise their data using Microsoft ActiveSync.

email capabilities POP3 and IMAP4 emails can be sent and received from the C600 – so users can access their emails wherever they are – emails can be accessed via GPRS or CSD.

Quad band The C600 will work all over South America; it operates on 800mhz, 900mhz, 1800mhz and 1900mhz networks.

MP3 Player Customers can transfer MP3 files to their C600 by using infrared, USB data cable, Bluetooth, Memory Card or Orange World. Once the tracks are in the C600 they can be played with Windows Media Player.

GPRS Enables fast wap, MMS and email access. Unlike CSD, GPRS calls aren’t charged by the second, but by the amount of data the customer uses.

Handsfree speaker The handsfree speaker activates at the touch of a button, handy if more than one person needs to hear a call or listen to an MP3 track!

Voice dialling Dial up to 25 numbers with your voice! Numbers must be stored in the phone memory for this feature to function.

MP3,Polyphonic and True Tone Users can allocate their MP3 files to be used as ring tones and alarms, ringtones the tones can be stored on the phone or mini-SD card.


The C600 is based on the C550 and the main differences between the two are:

No music keys (like the C550), the C600 doesn’t have dedicated music keys; the C600 features two soft keys, a 5-way navigation pad, a dedicated home key and a return key

Windows Mobile 5 Operating This is the latest phone operating system from Microsoft Windows Mobile 5 and includes Microsoft Media Player 10, increased system reliability and the ability to view the screen in landscape or portrait mode

Roaming functionality The C600 is a quad band device, meaning it will operate throughout South America

Up close

To access the menus, press Start from the Home screen with the left soft key.

Each menu item has its own set of sub-menus, to access each menu, scroll to the desired one and select it using the soft key or navigation pad.

As the menus are dynamic, they will change as users add or remove applications.

Along the left hand side of the home screen there are a number shortcut items. These shortcuts link to five of the most frequently used features – these are:

  • Contacts
  • Call History
  • Inbox
  • Calendar
  • Camera
  • Orange World

To select a menu or sub-menu, use the 5-way navigation pad and press the navigation pad in to confirm a menu selection.


Orange SPV C600   Full Specifications and details


1. Colour Screen
2. Soft Keys
3. Home key 
4. Call Key
5. Navigation Key
6. Back Key
7. End Call Key 
8. Camera Lens 
9. Mirror
10. Favourite Shortcut Key
11. Volume Keys
12. Camera Key
13. Handsfree Kit Port
14. Connectivity Kit Port
15. Power Key
16. Infrared Port

Full features and specification



64,536 colours
240 x 320 pixels



105mm x 48mm x 20mm



Takes mini-SD cards



1.3 megapixel

4x zoom

Phone features


1.3 Mega pixel camera
Latest Windows Mobile software

Seamless connectivity with Windows PCs

Video capture, playback and streaming

JAVA gaming, email and Instant messaging

64MB internal memory
Mini SD external memory slot


Quad band




USB cable

Mini-SD card






Picture Phonebook
Voice dialling



Business card exchange