BBC uses Smartphones to trial mobile TV

BBC uses Smartphones to trial mobile TV Neil Bird has just emailed me about BBC iMP. This is an application which is in development to offer UK viewers the chance to catch up on TV and radio programmes via their phones or PC’s. Using peer to peer technology (like BitTorrent) it allows you to legally download shows, which then go onto your phone if you wish.

Now.. Hmm.. I wonder what phone the BBC would choose to test this with. Hmm… Wahey! Look here! They’re using Orange SPV C500’s with Windows Mobile 5.0 on-board! Using the Windows Media Player Rights-Management (DRM) system, the BBC can set the programme to “self destruct” after 7 days and it stops people copying it too. Also with the cheapness of memory cards (MiniSD / SD) it means that that a typical 30 minute TV programme, using around 112MB according the the BBC, will fit easily.

If you’ve managed to get onto the BBC iMP trial team, give me a shout and tell me how it’s going.

Credit – Neil Bird @