Phonethemes now available on t-zones portal in Germany

Phonethemes now available on t zones portal in Germany Phonethemes Limited has reached an agreement with the mobile operator T-Mobile to supply phonethemes for inclusion in its ‘t-zones’ mobile portal. Phonethemes offer powerful device personalisation through customisation of the idlescreen of the mobile device. This agreement allows T-Mobile customers to take advantage of PhoneThemes rich multimedia format for MS SDA mobile devices using content created by a number of authors.

“We are really excited to be able to offer T-Mobile customers in Germany direct access to our phonethemes content”, said Jim Hunt, CTO of Phonethemes. “Our phonethemes offer customers exciting opportunities to personalise their mobile device.  Our authors have supplied content on a range of subjects to support the T-Mobile program.”

“SDA mobile phone users will be pleasantly surprised by the strides made in graphic contents. The MS applications offered for the T-Mobile SDA by PhoneThemes combine animated graphics with an enhanced user-friendly interface.” says Shannon Skistad, Senior Content Expert, T-Mobile. A phonetheme encapsulates multimedia content from traditional video, still and audio assets into a proprietary format that is suitable for efficient transmission over mobile networks due to a minimized content footprint size.  A phonetheme can also integrate phone skins and ringtones to ensure a consistent look and feel around the house style of a brand.

Phonethemes are currently available for MS Mobile smartphones and PDAs and will also support Symbian devices before Christmas.

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