Come on TomTom!

Come on TomTom! We like TomTom. We do. Sure, they’ve appeared on the consumer show Watchdog and we maybe didn’t give them such a glowing review recently, however we still like them because the product itself is pretty damned good.

But.. and it’s a big but.. Why, why oh why am I still getting emails like this ?

“..the lesson is, expect to wait 4/5 months before any product from TomTom actually comes on the market. I got mine from and it’s actually arriving tomorrow.”

Great yeah, but it was announced on May 19th 2005. Why has it taken until now to start shipping properly from other retailers ? Why also are there NO definite plans to get it working for the C550 ? Or the C600 ? Or the iMate SP5, SP5m? Or the Qtek 8300 and 8310? Or .. well, any other QVGA Smartphone that appears over the next few months ? Come on guys – give us a QVGA version of TomTom so that C550 owners don’t have to hack about with their phones to get it working.