SPV M1500 and M5000 in Orange Catalogues

SPV M1500 and M5000 in Orange Catalogues The Orange SPV M1500 has appeared in the October issue of the Orange catalogue, which is available from Orange shops. It’s a HTC built Pocket PC device with megapixel camera known as the HTC Alpine. It’s actually already selling in some shops too.

Down side? Well, it’s not running Windows Mobile 5.0… doah!

However, in the same magazine there’s the Orange M5000 – the 3G flip-around-screen handset which we’ve been raving about for a while. It’ll be available this month and is showing as having 64Mb internal memory, megapixel camera (it’s actually got another non-megapixel one too for 3G video calls) and more.

Get the full hastily “photographed ‘cus I don’t have a scanner” shots of the magazine below.

Orange SPV M1500 in Orange Store CatalogueOrange SPV M5000 in Orange Store Catalogue