Palm and Microsoft make it public

Palm and Microsoft make it public Looks like Palm and Windows Mobile are about to make the rumours and leaked photos into a concrete partnership. There’s a press conference scheduled for this coming Monday (September 26th) with Palm, Microsoft Corporation and Verizon Wireless all present. With Ed Colligan (Palm CEO and President), Bill Gates (Microsoft Chairman) and Denny Strigl (Verizon CEO and President) all taking part, it’s bound to signal the finalization of the Palm and Windows Mobile tie-in, and a release of their Palm Treo 700w onto the Verizon network in the USA.

The announcement takes place at The Palace Hotel in San Francisco at 9AM PDT and there’ll be a webcast available. For the 56 kbps webcast click here. For 100 kbps click here and for 300 kbps or broadband click here.

This is a massive change of direction for Palm and signals a pretty massive coup for the Windows Mobile Operating System.

Source – Press Annoucment