We want better batteries man!

We want better batteries man!
Batteries.. we hate them. They don’t stay charged at 100% all year around like we want them to. 🙂 A recent survey by TNS showed that two-thirds or mobile phone and PDA users want a battery that lasts at least two days without charge. Due to the fact that most batteries don’t do this, it’s stopping people using applications which suck power or from using their devices for long enough. We have beautiful colour screens, however they drink battery power and end up turning themselves off to save battery time. So what’s the solution ? Well, as any iPod Mini owner will tell you, sometimes there isn’t one. Short of getting a very long extension lead you’re screwed.

Tacis Gavoyannis, head honco at of technology at TNS said that people really want to be able to travel with a phone or PDA for a couple of days without needing to pack a charger with them – and they’re prepared to sacrifice playing music and the like to do it.

So .. we need better batteries. Batteries that last longer. Battery life can be the death-knell for a mobile phone if it doesn’t keep it going for as long as the users would like, so this needs to be addressed..

Source – Silicon.com

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