Sprint PPC 6700 Launched in USA

Sprint PPC 6700 Launched in USA For those of you CoolSmartPhone visitors in the USA, here’s some excellent news from Sprint. This is their Sprint PPC 6700. This has been called the HTC Wizard – and indeed looks like one, however this is the CDMA HTC Apache and is now available here at Sprint.com for business customers. Prices start at $479.99 after discounts.

The Sprint PPC 6700 is High Speed Data Capable and – with EV-DO technology – you can get 400-700 Kbps download speeds which peak at an amazing 2.0 Mbps. It’s Windows Mobile 5.0 powered with a PXA 270 416 Mhz CPU from Intel, 64Mb RAM, 128Mb Flash ROM and a 240×320 TFT screen. Don’t forget that Windows Mobile 5.0 also brings Persistent storage to the Pocket PC form, so no more lost data!

If you’re interested in this device, which has WiFi, Bluetooth, MiniSD, 1.3 megapixel camera and a funky slide-out-sideways QWERTY keyboard, click here to visit Sprint.com

Link – Sprint.com