Orange SPV M5000 – Keyboard issue?

Orange SPV M5000   Keyboard issue? I had a mail today from Phil Sexton. He was asking, as many others were, about the Orange SPV M5000. He was asking about the keyboard on the device following our story on the Orange announcement.

Phil said in his email..

“No one either seems to have noticed or pointed out that this machine (which I should be getting as my contract runs out on Monday) has a US keyboard layout and not a UK layout.

You can tell from the number 2 button, instead of having a ” you have an @ symbol. Are there any plans to adjust this that you know of? It’s only a small thing, but I do quite a bit of typing and I would forget about the ” symbol as I tend to type without looking at the keyboard.”

Hmm.. very true – just look at out image on the right here, from the Orange Press release. I’m trying to get information regarding this, however it could be quite a problem as all UK users will be using it for email (pressing the “@” symbol, which is usually by the right shift-key) and writing documents and notes with speech marks in daily..

Credit – Phil Sexton